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Groundnut seed treatment to control white grub_x000D_ _x000D_
White brown coloured larva of this insect initially feeds on primary roots of groundnut and then damages the main root system. As a result, plants dry up gradually and die. The grub moves ahead in the same furrow damaging another plant. As a result, a large number of gaps appear in the field. Apart from groundnut, they are known to attack roots of guava, sugarcane, coconut, areca nut, tobacco, potato and many other oilseeds, pulses and vegetable crops. Surprisingly, all the stages (life cycle) of this insect are passing through the soil._x000D_ _x000D_ Management:_x000D_ • It is quite difficult to control this pest. Follow the control measures in each and every stage to reduce the insect population._x000D_ • Go for early sowing if an irrigation facility is available._x000D_ • Follow crop rotation in the area where white grub infestation is severe. _x000D_ • Undergo regular pruning of the trees present around the fields having regular occurrence of this pest. _x000D_ • After the first heavy monsoon rain, the adult beetles come out from the soil and climb on the babul, ber, drumstick, neem etc. trees for feeding purpose. Drop them down by shaking the branches of trees. Collect the adults and keep them in kerosene water and destroy. _x000D_ • Spray quinalphos 25 EC @ 20 ml in 10 liter of water on these trees present around the fields. _x000D_ • Practise deep summer ploughing to expose the pupae to scorching sun radiation and for predation by birds. _x000D_ • Place 3 pheromone (synthetic pheromone- Anisole) traps per tree at 15 meter radius for three consecutive evenings after the first monsoon rains. Collect and destroy the adults fallen near the base of trees. _x000D_ • Install light traps and destroy the attracted beetles in the affected area. _x000D_ • Give seed treatment with chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 25 ml per kg of seed before sowing. Use these treated seeds for sowing after drying them in shade for 3 hours. _x000D_ • In case if you have not followed any control measures before sowing, apply chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 4 liter per hectare drop by drop through irrigation. _x000D_ • The farmers who cultivate groundnut organically can apply a fungus base powder Metarhizium anisopliae @ 1 kg per bigha (4 bigha= One hectare). Mix this fungus powder in 80-90 kg of castor or neem cake. Moisturize this mixture by adding adequate quantity of water and apply it in furrow at the time of groundnut sowing. _x000D_ • However, the best method is add the above fungus base powder (1 kg per bigha) in about 10 buckets of good quality FYM and mix properly. Then sprinkle water and make this mixture slightly moist and cover with gunny bags. Keep it as such for about 15-20 days and sprinkling the water from time to time on it. Apply this prepared mixture in soil before sowing of groundnut._x000D_ Video Source : GardenTech_x000D_ If you find this information useful, like it and share it with all your friends._x000D_
Source: AgroStar Agronomy Center of Excellence_x000D_ If you find this information useful, like it and share it with all your friends._x000D_
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