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Government to Bring National Edible Oil Mission in Budget to Increase Oilseed Production
In order to reduce the dependence of imports on edible oils, the Central Government is planning to go to the National Edible Oil Mission (NMEO) in the budget, which aims to increase the production of oilseeds domestically. The annual consumption of edible oils in the country is around 250 lakh tonnes, while the production is only about 1 million tonnes. Hence, about 150 lakh tonnes of edible oils are imported annually._x000D_ _x000D_ According to a senior Agriculture Ministry official, the draft NMEO is almost ready. It will be launched after the NMEO's vision document is approved. It is planned to be implemented in the coming financial year. Farmers have to sell oilseed crops at a price below the support price, with most of the oilseed cultivation done in the unirrigated area and the production of oilseed crops is less per hectare than wheat and paddy. Due to which farmers do not give priority to the cultivation of oilseeds._x000D_ Emphasis will be laid on increasing the production of oilseeds from NMEO. Under this, along with giving reasonable prices of crops to the oilseed farmers, increase in duty of imported edible oils and other measures are also included. To make self-sufficient in oilseeds, the target of raising oilseeds to about 480 lakh tonnes in the next five years has been set in NMEO._x000D_ Source - Outlook Agriculture, 11 January 2020_x000D_ Like and Share this important information with your Farmer friends through the options below._x000D_
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