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Goat Farming Business to Maximize Profit ( PART – 1)
Different Benefits of Commercial Goat Farming:_x000D_ Commercial goat farming has several benefits. In other words, it is a great business idea with good returns of investment ratio (ROI)._x000D_ 1. Profitable Business: Commercial goat farming is a guaranteed profitable business idea._x000D_ 2. Less Capital: Capital required for this business is comparatively less than any other business opportunities. You can simply start it with a little amount of goats. With proper care and management, you can make your business profitable within one year or two. Goats require housing or sheltering facilities less as compared to any other livestock animals._x000D_ 3. Business Growth Rate High: As goats produce kids more than once a year, so, even if you are starting with a few goats, you will be able to grow your business fast. _x000D_ 4. Easy Maintenance: It is very simple to maintain goats and its maintenance costs are also less._x000D_ 5. Less Labour Cost: Goat farming can be done even by unemployed educated youths, women, ex-serviceman, businessman as it require less labour cost._x000D_ 6. Government Help: Government of almost all countries are providing necessary training and other facilities for establishing goat farming business._x000D_ 7. Good Investment: Various local, government and international banks are interested to invest in this business with a very little terms and condition. There are some government banks providing loan facility with a very little or no interest._x000D_ 8. Less Risk: Diseases & other risks are minimum as compared to any other farming business._x000D_ Source: Krishi Jagran _x000D_ Please share useful information with other friends and be sure to check out Part-2._x000D_ _x000D_
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