Get good profits by investing in the post office monthly scheme!
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Get good profits by investing in the post office monthly scheme!
In the present time, it has become the first choice for most people to invest in a post office. Because the post office keeps running various schemes (Post office Schemes) to please its customers. These schemes not only provide good returns to the customers, but also guarantees their money security. The post office helps in making your small savings big in the coming time and can give you big relief in future. You can easily invest in it without any hassle. The post office is running a variety of schemes for each category, so you can invest in it according to your choice. Post office monthly income scheme or POMIS: It is an important post office scheme that provides some benefits per month. Under this monthly income scheme, you can open an account for up to 5 years. In this, the interest rate is calculated on an annual basis and in this the depositors can make monthly payments. The rate of interest on POMIS is decided by the central government, which is every quarter (3 Months). The rate of interest that a user receives on a monthly basis is the rate at which the principal is deposited. If you invest money in POMIS, it will provide you a good monthly income. This scheme provides monthly returns, which are completely safe. It is a very good scheme for Senior Citizens, which also provides a Guarantee Monthly Income along with Interest. In this, easily 2 or 3 people can open a joint account simultaneously. In this, all the account holders will have their equal share. If you want, you can also convert individual accounts to joint accounts. Who can open an account in this scheme? In this scheme, anyone above the age of 10 years can open an account. In this, the limit of minimum money deposit has been fixed from Rs 1,500 to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh. While for joint account holders this limit is 9 lakh rupees. With this deduction, the first money can be withdrawn prematurely after 1 year. There is a deduction of 2 percent on withdrawals after 1 year and before three years. After three years, the withdrawal of the deposit reduces 1% from the deposit in the account. Source: Krishi jagran, 01 Oct 2020, If you feel this information is useful to you, like and share it with your friends.
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