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Fruit Fly Damage and Management in Summer Watermelon and Muskmelon
 Female adult lays eggs under the rind of developing fruits by puncturing it.  The emerging yellowish-whitish maggot feeds on its pulp.  Small damaged fruits fall on soil surface.  Rotting take place in-side on developed infested fruits and fall down.  Fruits become D-shaped.  Watery juice comes out from its puncture and later turns solidified and appears like brownish gum.
 Quality deteriorates and affects market price. _x000D_  Unless taken care of, up to 100% damage can occur. _x000D_  Fruit flies are more active during warm environment. _x000D_  Collect damaged fruits periodically and bury them in soil. _x000D_  Keep neat and clean field. _x000D_  Raise one or two rows of maize around the field and spray insecticides periodically. _x000D_  For control of adult fruit fly, dissolve 450 g jaggery in 10 lit of water and keep it for 24 hrs. Add 10 ml DDVP and do coarse spray on crop once a week from the beginning of flowering. _x000D_  Install “Cue lure trap” @ 8-10 per acre at one meter above crop canopy to attract & kill the male fruit fly. _x000D_  Collect & destroy the attracted flies, twice in a week from the traps. _x000D_  Such traps are effective throughout the crop period, do not replace further. _x000D_  Install traps in an equal distance to each other in field. _x000D_  If traps are installed with the help of wooden poles, takes care about termites. _x000D_  Traps should not be too lean as they can fall due to air or wind. _x000D_  Be careful about the trap’s damage caused by dogs or other animals. _x000D_ _x000D_ Video Source: vaibhav jamma MACL SOLAPUR_x000D_ Article Source : AgroStar Agronomy Center Excellence_x000D_ _x000D_ If you found this information useful, don’t forget to Like and Share it with your farmer friends._x000D_
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