For good Quality Onion Seed Production Read this Information!
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For good Quality Onion Seed Production Read this Information!
The production capacity of any variety depends on the genetic properties it contains. Therefore, if its production capacity is to be maintained, it should be taken into account that there is no adulteration in the production of seeds. In order to produce onion seeds, onion tubers should be planted in well-drained soil. The processing of onion seed requires a cool climate._x000D_ Onion Selection:_x000D_ 1. 6 months old tubers should be planted for seed. For seed production two onions glued together should not be taken._x000D_ 2. Before sowing, the selected onion tubers should be cut into 1/3 parts and treated with fungicide. Therefore the distance between two onion planted fields should be more than 500 to 600 meters._x000D_ 3. Bees have an important role in pollination in onion crop. For this, crops like marigold, chrysanthemum should be planted in the field as inter crops._x000D_ 4. Provide water by drip irrigation for water management. Avoiding the use of Sprinkler irrigation as well as fertilisers and weeds should also be properly managed._x000D_ 5. In cloudy weather, quality seeds production get affected. After flowering, spray the Chelated Calcium @ 0.5 g, boron @ 1 g and Planofix @ 0.25 ml per litre of water._x000D_ 6. Seed production has problems such as thrips, aphids, and root rot, during the growth phase the field should always be inspected and diseased plants should be destroyed._x000D_ 7. The harvesting of the flower starts within 3 months after sowing. The flower should be harvested in 2 to 3 stages._x000D_ Source: AgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence_x000D_ If this information useful, click on the yellow thumb icon and share it with your farmer friends through the options below! _x000D_
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