Farmers will now be able to link companies with 'e-name'
Krishi VaartaAgrowon
Farmers will now be able to link companies with 'e-name'
New Delhi: The Union Government has launched an e-name system at the national level to consolidate the agricultural market. Now the farmers in the country will also be linked to the e-name. The government is working towards this, informed an official. At present, there are 3,500 farmers producing companies operating in different states. According to the official data, around 1 thousand farmers' producing companies in 12 states have been linked to e-name. More companies will be added soon. This system allows farmers to sell their produce without going to markets. Also, farmers can sell their goods to different places through the companies. Agri companies will operate in this market as autonomous.
The go-downs are also included in the e-name._x000D_ Sources: Agrowon, 9 January_x000D_ If you find this information helpful, click on the yellow thumb icon and share it with all your farmer friends!_x000D_
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