Krishi VaartaThe Economic Times
Farmers will not be able to sell crops based on MSP.
New Delhi. The central government is planning major reforms in the government grain procurement process. The government is going to make Aadhaar (biometric identification) mandatory for farmers. With the help of this, they want to stop the alleged corruption in grain shopping and provide benefit to the price by making the minimum support price (MSP) eligible for the farmers. It is worth noting that the government buys food grains on MSP from farmers on a large scale every year. A senior government official said that from this Kharif season, we are starting a pilot project in four districts of Odisha. Based on its success, it will be gradually implemented in all parts of the country. He said that there are a lot of complaints from farmers about the traders and middlemen buying food grains at a lower price than MSP. These people then sell food grains to the government at a much higher price. The official said that this game of middlemen from the bottom will end. He informed that the government will assist with one lakh rupees for computerizing all the procurement centers across the country. According to the official, all the centers will have a laptop and electric point of sale (POS) machine, which will match the thumbprints of the farmers. The POS machine will be connected to the central data center for Aadhaar verification. This process will ensure that farmers get a fair price for the crop. Source - Economic Times, 20 August 2019
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