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Farmers to get Subsidy to Promote Mustard Crops
The central government plans to take a big decision in the interest of the farmers. The planning includes to give incentives to farmers to cultivate oilseeds of high quality, so that they can move towards other crops besides rice and wheat farming. Through this, there will be reduce in the import of cooking oil which has reached 70 thousand crore rupees in the present time.
The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) is suggested to set higher prices to farmers adopting varieties with more oil. CACP sets fixed prices for crops._x000D_ According to media reports, CACP Chairman Vijay Paul Sharma said that the minimum support price (MSP) for mustard and linseed should be added to the seed with a basic oil content of 35%. If oil content is more than 35%, then farmers should get a higher price of Rs. 20.27 per quintal for every quarter percent increase in it. The minimum support price for mustard and linseed for marketing season 2020-21 is for oilseeds with 35% content. If the oil content is around 40%, which is found in most of the varieties grown in Rajasthan, then farmers can get compensation of Rs. 405.40 per quintal more than the MSP._x000D_ Currently, the minimum support price is Rs. 4830.40 per quintal. Every year around 9 million tonnes of mustard and flaxseeds are produced in the country. This is 28% of the total oilseed production in the country. Explain that 40-45 percent mustard contains about 40-42 percent oil content. If the central government approves the proposals of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices, mustard cultivation will prove beneficial for the farmers._x000D_ Source: Krishi Jagran, 1 January 2020_x000D_ To Like this useful information, click on yellow Thumb impression and Share it with your farmer friends through the options below._x000D_
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