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Farmer Producer Organizations to get 15 lakh rupees, government released new guideline
New Delhi. Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar released the booklet of new guidelines for the formation and expansion of 10,000 FPOs (FPO-Farmer Producer Organisations). He said, a total of 10,000 FPOs are to be formed by the year 2023-24. Assistance will be provided to each FPO for 5 years. The government will spend a total of Rs 6,866.00 crore on this. Common farmers will be directly benefited - FPO will be a group of small and marginal farmers, so that the farmers associated with it will not only get a market for their produce but it will be easy to buy fertilizer, seeds, medicines and agricultural equipment etc. Services will be found cheaper and freedom from middlemen will be freed.If the farmer goes to sell his produce, then the middlemen get his profit. In the FPO system, the farmer gets good prices for his product, because bargaining will be collective. This will increase the collective power of the farmers. What are Farmer Producer Organisations: Under this, at least 11 farmers can get organized and form their own agricultural company or organization. The Modi government is talking about giving 15 lakh rupees, its benefits will be given in three years after seeing the work of the company. What is FPO? A FPO (Farmers Producer Organization) will be a group of farmers who are engaged in agricultural production and carry out commercial activities related to agriculture. By forming a group, you can get registered in the Companies Act. Terms for taking money by creating FPO (1) If the organization is working in the field, then at least 300 farmers should be associated with it. That is, at least 30 people on a board should be general members. The first was 1000. (2) It is necessary to join 100 farmers in the hilly area with a company. They are getting the benefit of the company. (3) NABARD Consultancy Services will see the work of your company and will get a grant based on it. (4) Business plans will be seen to which farmers the company is able to benefit. Whether she is able to provide a market for farmers' produce or not. (5) How is the governance of the company? The board of directors should have paperwork of their working. Whether he is working to make farmers' access to the market easier. (6) If a company is making a collective purchase of essential commodities like seeds, fertilizers and medicines etc. of its associated farmers, then its rating can be good. Because by doing this the farmer will get goods at cheaper rates. Source: News 18, 14 july 2020 If you find this information useful, like it and share it with your friends.
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