Krishi VaartaPrabhat
Export Ban on Onion Likely to be Withdrawn
New onions are now available in large quantities on the market. Their rates are therefore expected to decline. As a result, the ban on onion exports is likely to be lifted.
Officials of the Public Distribution Department have indicated that the price of onion will not rise once the new onion starts entering the market. The price was as high as Rs. 160 per kg, after the onion was harvested last month. The government had tried to suspend exports of onions as well as imports to limit it. Meanwhile prices for onions range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 60 per kg. Most states have turned down imported onion. As a result, the reserves and supply for domestic onions are increasing. Therefore, the need for onion exports has been generated in some ways to prevent the onion prices from dropping, the farmers' organizations stated. Source: Prabhat, 26 January 2020 If you find this information helpful, click on the yellow thumb icon below the photo and share it with all your farmer friends through the option below.
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