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Effective weed management practices for Cotton
Weeds are the main problem in cotton crop which lead to decline in the crop yield, increase in the cost of production and weeds also act as alternate hosts for insects, pests and diseases. Therefore, the management of weeds in the cotton crop is very necessary.
Weeds in cotton can be managed in the following ways: Post-emergence: In post emergence, the broad and narrow leafy weeds should be controlled. For broad leafy (dicots) weeds: Spray the Pyrithiobac Sodium 10% EC @15- 20 ml/pump at 2-3 leaf stage of weed. Care should be taken that the soil is moist. For narrow leafy/gramineae family (monocot) weed: Spray Propaquizafop 100 EC or Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl 9 EC or Quizolofop ethyl 5% EC @25-40 ml/pump as per the crop condition and weed growth. Share this information with other cotton farmers through any of the options given below.
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