Drones and helicopters will spray pesticides to control locusts_x000D_
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Drones and helicopters will spray pesticides to control locusts_x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_
On May 28, Narendra Singh Tomar reviewed the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare to control locust groups in some states. Additional sprayers from Britain will start coming to their country within 15 days. Their order has already been placed. 45 more sprayers will also be purchased in the next one-half month. Drones will be used for spraying pesticides for effective control, we are also preparing to take helicopter services to control these active locust teams. 211 control rooms have been set up, deploying special teams and additional staff have also been deployed with them. The locust control offices have 47 spray equipment, which are being used for locust control. In addition supplies have been ordered for 60 sprayers, which will be supplied by a UK based company. Drones approved by the Ministry of Civil Aviation will be used. Similarly, orders have been given for the purchase of 55 vehicles. There is also a plan to hire helicopters for spray. Under the sub-mission on agricultural mechanization assistance for the purchase of 800 tractor spray equipment at the request of the Government of Rajasthan, approval of Rs. 2.86 crore has been provided by the Central Government. A proposal for financial assistance of Rs 14 crore for the purchase of vehicles, tractors and pesticides has been approved by the Rajasthan State Government under RKVY (60:40). The proposal of financial assistance of Rs 1.80 crore has been approved by the Gujarat State Government for expansion in respect of purchase of vehicles, spray equipment, training and locust control under RKVY (60:40). S Source : Agrostar, 29 may 2020 If you find the information useful, like it and share it with other farmer friends.
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