Do you wish, incidence of paddy stem borer remain low; 
See & follow some points at harvesting
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Do you wish, incidence of paddy stem borer remain low; See & follow some points at harvesting
• It is time to harvest paddy; some may even have harvested. Taking into account some points at this time, definitely incidence of stem borer may be lower down in next season. • Crop should be harvested nearer to the soil surface, as far as. Larva is hibernating (dormant) in the stubbles & pupae may also take place inside the stubbles. • Just after the harvest, cultivate the field and collect the stubbles and use them for the making the compost. • If you have done harvesting by mechanical harvester, collect & remove the rest of the plant parts & stubbles. • If digging & removing stubbles process is not being possible, keep water in the paddy field for about 4-5 days. Larvae my die due to want of air. • Instead of burning the paddy straw, use it for the making the compost or sell it to the traders. If you want to use for animal feed, store in your backyard, instead of dumping in field or on the boundaries. • At the time of harvest, also see the field boundaries and if any off plants grown up; destroy them to avoid the survival of stem larvae in off season. • Panicles which have dried up early and seed are not setting and such panicles are easily pulled out due to damage caused by stem borer; dig out the whole plant and destroy them along with the larvae inside before harvest of the crop. • Paddy crop has higher number of predatory insects than other crops. To conserve them, do not harvest crop continuously from the one side. First harvest a strip of 3-4 m and second strip of 3-4 m should be leaved. Thus, alternately cut the strips and after over the field; harvest the rest of remaining strips. By doing so, predatory insects do not move to the fences or the other field. How you feel it to do? Is it worth doing? • After harvest, remove the weed host plants from the field as well as present on the field boundaries. Larvae may survive on them in the absence of paddy crop (off season). • Arrange one light trap in the field even after harvest and continue it for one or two months. • If possible, install 2-3 pheromone traps of this pest and continue up to one or two months. • Change the crop and follow rotation of the crops. • After harvest, install 10-12 T-shaped bird perches to attract the predatory birds, they may pick the larvae and feed them • If you do these, the infestation of stem borer in paddy to be cultivate in a next season definitely decrease. At the end, even if/ at least one spray is reduced in coming paddy crop, there is also a big advantage and we can contribute something to protect our environment.
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