Do you know? How many and what kind of functions 
can an insect's legs do!!!!!
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Do you know? How many and what kind of functions can an insect's legs do!!!!!
 Nature has given more to insects than any other creature and that is why we have been fighting against it for years but it is out of our control.  From the various gifts given to insects by nature, we will see about their legs today.  Insects that damage our crops have a total of three pairs i.e. six legs, while a human has two, a cow has four legs; see, more legs than us!!!!  You must have seen the sucking and beetle insects; nature has made their legs in such way so that it can walk very fast with three pairs of legs, without falling!!!  The legs of cockroaches, ants and some beetle’s insects are so thin and long that they can run very fast, amazing balance!  The third pair of legs (rear pair) of grasshoppers, cricket like insects, and the legs is relatively long, so they can make big jumps. If you want to have an experience, hit the grasshopper with a stick and watch.  Have you seen mole cricket? Since one part of its front foot is like a shovel, it can easily make a hole in the ground and dig the soil, like a big bulldozer!!!!!  Since the legs of floating insects in the water are flat and surrounded by numerous hair, they can swim for twenty four hours without getting tired, how much can you swim, continuously?, never more than this !!!!!  You can skate on ice, not on water; Due to the long legs and hair structure of some insects, they can skate on water just like we walk on the ground, see the amazing power!!!!!  Have you ever seen a dragon fly? Can't walk but can easily grab and feed flying insects due to its thorny legs!!!  You must have seen the head louse; due to its sharp and hook-like claws; it sticks tightly to our hair, even if you comb the hair, it rarely caught.  Mentids whose forelegs are adapted to catch prey. While resting; it looks like doing a pray the God with its front pair of leg but it can attack with this pair of legs on insects, trap and fed them, for us; it’s a beneficial insect.  Catch the bee and see the third pair of its legs, you will be amazed, due to the design like brush on the legs, and basket (bag); it can collect pollen from the flowers and take it to the hive, and it is a miracle of nature!!!!  The flea beetle can jump as high as 3 inches due to its foot structure. If this jumping skill is introduced in a man, then a man can jump the American Statue of Liberty at a speed of 600 miles per hour!  You may have heard the sound of grasshoppers at night also because of the dexterity of its feet.  There are so many things that an insect can do due to its special foot structure; that is not possible for a human, the wonderful and unique science of insects!!!!
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