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Do not forget this treatment to control termites at low cost while sowing wheat
o Queen of the termites remain in very deep in the soil while its workers (white colour) damage the crop. o Termites can damage the root system of the growing plants at the time of germination. o This pest can damage at any stage of the crop. o Permanent solution cannot be brought soon as this pest lives in soil. o Generally, sandy loam or medium loamy soil is more prone for this pest, o Infested plants can be easily pulled out. o If infestation is observed in later stage, wheat does bear any panicles and dries the plants. o Deep plowing the field after harvest the previous crop. o Dispose the previous crop residues properly. o Apply only well-decomposed FYM. o If you wish to apply cakes, use only neem or castor cake @ 1 ton per hectare. o Seed treatment with termicides should be given day before the sowing. o Mix thiamethoxam 30 FC @ 300 or fipronil 5 SC @ 500 ml or chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 400 ml in 5 lit of water. Wear hand gloves before giving the seed treatment. Spread the 100 kg of wheat on ground flour or on the plastic sheet and apply prepared solution on it. Mix it well. Keep these treated seed over night for drying. Seeds are ready to sow in the next day morning. o After over the sowing if any quantity of treated seeds is left out; do not use them for any purpose. o At the time of sowing, if seeds are not treated and termite infestation is seen in standing crop; mix fipronil 5 SC @ 500 ml or chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 1.5 lit in 100 kg of soil or sand per hectare and apply in standing crop. Give light irrigation in the field. Instead of this method, the same insecticides can also be given through irrigation in soil by drop to drop method. Source: Agrostar Agronomy Centre of Excellence, If you feel this information is useful to you, like and share it with your friends.
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