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Advisory ArticleKrishi Samarpan
Cultivation of Mushrooms
High-tech mushroom production in India has just commenced and the worldwide market has become accessible. Mushrooms are advised for individuals with diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease. These are totally vegetarian and have low-calorie rich protein, iron, minerals, and vitamins. Research also indicates that mushrooms are equipped with unique 'anti-viral' and 'anti-cancer' characteristics. Buttons, mussels varieties of mushrooms are grown in India. Planting Process 1) Soaking Bran: Mushroom can be cultivated on paddy Husk, wheat straw, sorghum, grass, sunflower bran, coconut leaves, sugar cane leaves, and millet leaves. The first long straw should be about 2-3 cm long. It should be cut into two parts and soaked for 10-12 hours in cold water. Take out the soaked bran and sterilize it, then keep it in hot water for 1 hour to disinfect. 2) Seeds Sowing: Place a layer of bran in a plastic bag, about two to two and a half inches. Then on the first layer seeds are sown. Again, bran layer application should be put to cover the seeds. Subtract the seeds again, fill the bag by doing so. Sow 5% of the wet sludge when sowing. Press the bran and fill it when filling the bag. Bind the bag's mouth with a thread and use a needle or rusty needle to create 25-30 holes. 3) Hatching: Warming is a significant activity for fungal growth. The sown bags should be kept in a sterile dark room at a temperature of 22 to 26 degrees Celsius. 4) Bag Removing: When the fungus is fully grown, the bag appears white. It should be trimmed with a blade and put on a rack. In the space, indirect sunlight and light air should be enabled. Spray water after a day, 2-3 times a day, slowly on the bed separated from the bag. Spray pumps or hand sprays should be used to spray. 5) Harvesting: Full growth of mushrooms takes place within 4-5 days of tearing the bag. Fully cultivated mushrooms should be transformed by side to the left or right. Mash the bed for one to one and a half inches after removing the mushrooms. The second plant growth can be observed after 10 days and similarly after the next 10 days, the third set of the crop appears. It is possible to harvest up to 900 to 1500 grams of wet mushroom from one bed (bag). Balanced beds are used as plant fertiliser and cattle nutrition. Source: Krishi Samarpan
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