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Cultivate green manure crops to maintain the fertility of the soil.
Advisory ArticleAgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence
Cultivate green manure crops to maintain the fertility of the soil.
Due to green manure crops, the amount of nitrogen in the soil increases.Sow pulse crops between the two rows of main crop.So it increases availability of nitrogen for the main crop.The green manure crops are cultivated to increase the fertility of the soil.Mulching maintains the humidity in the soil.The green manure crops are helpful as a mulching and for preventing weeds in the orchards.
The farms where green manure crops are cultivated, they should be buried using plough after vegetative growth and before the flowering stage of the crop.This method is useful for deep soil, having good rains and irrigation facility.Cultivate crops like jute,dhaincha,Cowpea,guar,green gram and black gram as green manure crops in this method.The appropriate stage for burying the green manure crops is before flowering.After the green manure crops are fully decomposed, the main crop is sowed in the farm.While cultivating the cotton, sow one row of dhaincha between two rows of cotton and harvest it after 30-35 days and bury it in the soil at the same place. Agrostar Agronomy Center Excellence
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