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Krishi VaartaOutlook Agriculture
Cotton production may be lower than expected!
According to the Indian Cotton Association (CAI), the production of cotton is estimated to be 335 lakh bales (one lump-170 kg) in the current season, which is 5.25 lakh bales less than the earlier estimates and less than 3 million bales less than last year. . In major producing states, Gujarat and Maharashtra, the production has decreased due to less monsoon rains in the kharif season. CAI President Atul S. According to Ganatra, only 115.97 lakh bales of cotton have been procured in the producing markets till December 31, whereas last year 142.50 lakh bales came. Export fears of decline
According to the CIA, export contracts of 17 lakh bales cotton have been done till December 31 and the total export of 51 lakh bales is estimated. At the same time, last year 69 lakh bales were exported. The import of cotton in the current season is estimated to be 27 lakh bales whereas last year 15 lakh bales were imported. Low production in Gujarat and Maharashtra According to the CIA, the production of cotton in Gujarat is estimated to be 83.50 lakh bales in the current crop season 2018-19, whereas last year 105 lakh bales were produced in the state. The cotton production in Maharashtra is expected to fall from 83 lakh bales of last year to 77 lakh bales. However, the production of cotton in North India, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan is expected to increase to 60 lakh bales in the current season, as against 56 lakh bales in these states last year. Source - Outlook Agriculture, 07 January 2019
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