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Coronavirus Will Not Affect Cotton Exports
There's good news for cotton farmers. According to the Cotton Association of India (CAI) report, the outbreak of Coronavirus will not have a major effect on cotton exports. Assuming the CAI, the total export of cotton for the current season is expected to be approximately 42 lakh bales. CAI President Atul Ganatra has said that cotton exports would not be much impacted by the outbreak of Coronavirus. Since last year, 2019, there was not a lot of cotton exports. Talking of last year, only 8 lakh bales of cotton were shipped to China. At the end of February 2020, the organization exported about 6 lakh bales. The Chairman said that demand for cotton from Bangladesh and many other markets has also increased. Similarly, 5-5 lakh bales of cotton were shipped to Vietnam and Indonesia. The organization also has 6 months of time during the current session.
It will be able to comfortably reach its cotton export goal. Source: Krishi Jagran, 13 March 2020 If you want to get more important information, then Like and Share it with your farmer friends.
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