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Corona is spreading in the villages as well, follow these measures while farming
The havoc of Corona has reached villages. In such a situation, it is important that the farmers should be more cautious while farming. According to experts, this disease is spreading more rapidly in villages and towns than in cities. Let us tell you some important safety measures today, by following these you can protect yourself from corona. Use more machines If possible, use machines in place of manpower. It is also important to follow social distancing, do not take it lightly. Caution in the use of machines Before and after the use of manual tools such as sickle, hoof, spade etc., wash the equipment thoroughly in surf water. Pay special attention in cleaning the driving handles, steering etc. of the machines. Keep distance while harvesting At the time of harvesting, maintain a distance of at least two meters between each other. The laborers should keep the utensils in use separately. Eating in a group is not right at this time. If many people are using the same agricultural tools, then wash hands after use. Social distancing Do not forget to cover the nose and mouth while going out or while doing farming. Use the mask in any case. If a worker or a working person shows signs of cold, cold, headache, fever, then ask him to stay away from the crowd. Inform to the nearest health worker if in doubt. Source: krishi jagran, 7 july 2020 If you find the information useful, then like it and share it with your farmer friends.
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