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Control of Leaf Eating Caterpillars in Groundnut
Leaf eating caterpillar is also known in the farming community as Armyworm and Tobacco caterpillar. Infestation continues to be high for a longer period under warm weather conditions. Small caterpillar’s scraps chlorophyll of the leaves, Tender twigs of the plant while bigger larvae feed the completely leaf-leaving vein and defoliate the leaves. During the daytime, caterpillars hide in the soil and feed voraciously during the night hours. They also feed on flowers and sometimes under the soil growing pods. The population of the caterpillars on the crop is usually greater during August-September. Management: • Install Pheromone traps @1-15/acre • At initial stage of the pest infestation, spray Neem Seed Kernel Extract @ 500 ml (5%) or Neem-based Formulation @ 40 ml per 10 lit of water • Spray Bouveria bassiana, a fungal-based powder @ 40 g or Bacillus thuringiensis, a bacterial-based powder @10 g per 10 lit of water • Spray Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (NPV) @ 250 LE (for leaf eating caterpillar) to 450 LE (gram pod borer) per hectare • On higher infestation of leaf eating caterpillar, spray Methomyl 50 WP @12.5 g per 10 lit of water • Jaggery can be added in the solution to enhance the efficacy of insecticides
Dr. T. M. Bharpoda, Ex. Professor of Entomology, B. A. College of Agriculture, Anand Agricultural University, Anand- 388 110 (Gujarat India) If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.
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