Control of insect pests appeared just after germination of cotton crop
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Control of insect pests appeared just after germination of cotton crop
Some farmers are following the sowing of cotton and somewhere cotton crop already germinated. Some of the insect pests are also attacking at the early stage of the cotton crop. Number of plants are dried in absence of proper cares. The seeds are already treated with insecticides even though plants are damaged by some insect pests. Among them, termites, ants, ash weevil, leaf miner, surface grasshopper etc. are the major pests damaging to this crop just after germination. _x000D_ Control measures:_x000D_ • Always well-decomposed FYM to avoid the early infestation of termites_x000D_ • Give adequate days for decomposing the green manuring in soil. If rain is not there, give one irrigation for increasing decomposing process._x000D_ • Before applying FYM, collect un-decomposed materials likes stubbles of the plants._x000D_ • Pour chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 2 liter/ha in the fields where occurrence of termites seen is every year by drop to drop method with irrigation. _x000D_ • Apply the same insecticide @ 20 ml/ 10 liter of water around the plant in soil if germinated plants are dying due to termites. _x000D_ • Drench the same solution of insecticides in burrows of ant’s present bunds and around the field._x000D_ • Instead of applying any kinds of insecticides, collect and destroy the ash weevil early in the morning from the plants. _x000D_ • To manage the population of ash weevils, spray neem oil or neem based formulation. On higher incidence, spray monocrotophos 36 SL @ 10 ml per 10 lit of water. _x000D_
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