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Common Diseases in Livestock and Their Home Remedies
Cattle health is highly essential, together with the significance provided to their feed. If the expert in animal husbandry is familiar with the diagnosis of diseases in livestock, then the disease itself can be cured at the primary level. Below are some information about cattle disease and their home treatment. Bloat This type of disease usually occurs when animals eat more than expected green fodder. The disease is more common during monsoon and winter. In this disease, the stomach gets filled with gas and the cattle becomes restless. Treatment • In 500 ml edible oil mix 50 to 60 ml Turpentine oil and feed the cattle • Asafoetida mixed with red chilli powder in buttermilk and feeding the cattle provides relief • Soak a cotton cloth in kerosene, and let the cattle smell it • In case of excess gas, take out the stomach gas with a thin needle (this has to be done carefully; do not perform this process in case of incomplete information.) Constipation: The cattle cannot adequately digest the food in some instances, therefore it does not generate dung as the dose does not go beyond the intestine. Solution • Give the cattle 250 grams of soluble salt (magnesium sulfate) immediately in water • Feed edible oil 1 liter or 350 ml of castor oil through nasal, which will provide relief • Feed the new born with fresh buttermilk in case diarrhoea issue Reference: Department of Livestock Production and Management, Junagadh
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