Chemical Control of White Grub Pest in Sugarcane
Advisory ArticleAgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence
Chemical Control of White Grub Pest in Sugarcane
• Before mixing Farm Yard Manure (FYM), mix the granular pesticide in the farm manure. • Mix fipronil 0.3% @ 8-10 kg with soil during sugarcane cultivation in September-October. • Chloropyriphos 20% @ 2 litres in 400 litres of water should be drenched in sugar cane. • Spray chloropyriphos 20% 2-2.5 ml per liter on the neem tree and subabhul to control the white grub.
• If there is maximum white grub infestation in sugarcane, follow drenching of Imidacloprid 40% + fipronil 40% @ 80 gm in 200 litres of water in sugarcane crop. Biological Control When sugarcane is grown, Metarhizium anisopali or Beauveria bassiana treated FYM mix well in the soil @ 8-10 kg per acre. Context - Agrostar Agronomy Centre of Excellence
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