Krishi VaartaAgrowon
Centre: These Components are Permissible Ethanol Production
New Delhi: A policy has been adopted by the central government to promote ethanol in the country. Due to various factory schemes, the production of ethanol has also increased. In addition, the government has allowed ethanol to be produced from sugarcane juice, damaged and extra food grains, rotten potatoes, and maize in the country. According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association, there was a record 237 crore litres of ethanol purchase agreement between the country's oil companies and ethanol—producing factories between 2018-19 (November-December). Oil companies were asked to make up to 10% of fuel by 2022 and 20% of ethanol by 2030. According to the organization, oil companies have procured ethanol according to the central ordinance, and companies need 330 million litres to achieve the ethanol mix goal. There was a purchase agreement of 237 million litres in 201 -19, out of which 160 million litres of ethanol were purchased. References - Agrowon, 5 April 2019
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