Krishi VaartaThe Economic Times
Central Government to Create Buffer Stock of One Lakh Tonnes of Onions
New Delhi. The central government has announced the creation of a buffer stock of 1 lakh tonnes of onion in 2020. This information was released by a senior government official. The government has created a buffer stock of 56,000 tonnes for the current year. But the stock of onion also fell short and prices increased. Onion prices are still higher than Rs. 100 per kg in most cities across the country.
The official said that the issue was discussed in detail at the recent meeting of the Group of Ministers led by Home Minister Amit Shah. It was concluded at this meeting that a buffer stock of about 1 lakh tonnes of onions would be generated for the next year. The NAFED agency will make a purchase for the Rabi season. This onion does not really rotten easily compared to the Kharif onion season. Onion production decreased by 26% this year. The production of onion sown during the Kharif season declined this year due to delayed monsoon and subsequent unseasonal rainfall in major states, in specific Maharashtra and Karnataka. As a result, a lot of onion crop has been destroyed. Source - Economic Times, 30 December 2019 If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumb impression and share it with all your farmer friends through the options below.
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