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Center Issues Fresh Guidelines for Farmers while Harvesting Rabi Crops amid Coronavirus Lockdown
The union home ministry has issued a fresh guideline for farmers for their safety while working in their farm. As per the report, the Centre has also decided to exempt farmworkers as well as manufacturing and packaging units of fertilizers, pesticides and seeds from the lockdown order. The government has also exempted Mandis, procurement agencies, farm operations, Agri machinery hiring centers as well as intra- and inter-state movement of farm implements, according to the latest directive issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Farmers will have to follow all these instructions during harvesting so that they can be protected from COVID-19 (COVID-19): a) As rabi harvesting likely to pick up in the coming days, farmers to follow social distancing and safety precaution while handling farm machines and labour in the field. b) Farmers should sanitize the equipment before using it. This sanitization should be done at least 3 times a day. Farmers can use soap water to sanitize the equipment. c) During harvesting, farmers keep their hands thoroughly cleaned with soap from time to time. d) During the harvesting work, farmers should not wear the same clothes again. Wash clothes should be worn during work and wear it again only after drying. Source- Krishi jagran, 28 March 2020 To get more such important updates, watch this space and don’t forget to Like and Share!
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