Castor Semilooper Life Cycle:
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Castor Semilooper Life Cycle:
Castor semi-looper is a great damage causing pest of the oilseed crop. It seasonally occurs in the months of July to September. It feeds on many different plant species but the preferred host is castor. Eggs:- The female moth lays around 450 blue green rounded eggs singly on the leaves. The eggs are laid singly on both sides of the leaves. The egg when freshly laid is round, pale green in colour and measures about 0.9 mm in diameter.Eggs hatch within 2 to 5 days.
Larva:- The newly hatched caterpillar is yellowish green in colour with light brown head and thorax and measures 3.5 mm long. The full grown larva is dull greyish brown and measures 60 to 70 mm. Long. Five distinct larval instars have been observed. The larval period lasts from 12 to 13 days._x000D_ Pupa:- Pupa is reddish brown in colour measuring about 0.25 inches in length. Pupation takes place either in the soil amidst the fallen leaves or sometimes amidst the folded leaves on the plant. The pupal period lasts from 10 to 27 days._x000D_ Adults:- The adult moth is 5/8th inch long with a wingspan of 2 inches. The forewings are brownish-gray and the hind wings are grey with bright spots of black and white near the tips. Females start laying eggs 2 to 5 days after emerging from the pupa._x000D_ Symptoms of damage:_x000D_ • Larvae feed on the leaves and sometimes the whole crop defoliates._x000D_ • Leaves defoliate._x000D_ • Older larvae are voracious feeders so bare stems and veins remain._x000D_ Management:_x000D_ • Hand picking of older larvae during early stages._x000D_ • Spray neem seed kernel extract (NSKE) 4% synchronising with egg and early larval stage._x000D_ • Installing bird perches (10/acr) helps in reducing the incidence._x000D_ • Spray Dimethoate 30.00% EC @ 462 ml or Malathion 50.00% EC @ 800 ml per 200 liter water per acer. _x000D_ _x000D_ Source: Agrostar Agronomy centre of excellence_x000D_ If you feel this information is useful to you, then click on the like button and share this with your farmer friends._x000D_
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