Advisory ArticleAgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence
Careful use of drip set
1) It is dangerous to use water for drip irrigation in which the amount of iron is 3 to 4 ppm. For that reason there is a risk of closure of losses. 2) Due to drip irrigation sets, P-V, C's main tubes or mainstream should be 1 foot in soil. Due to this, there is no increase in moss without the result of sunlight on the pipe. It also increases the life of the pipe. 3) Chlorine or acid is needed to use drip irrigation for the next season. Acid processing is necessary as a solution for the chemical formulated layer The process of chlorine is needed to remove the obstacles created by bacteria. 4) If you want to mix with acid in water, then add acid in water. do not add water in acid Chlorine gas is poisonous and it is necessary to handle it properly.
5) Keep the filter system clean and efficient by observing the soil and alkalis in the soil. 6) To check main pump sets, pressure meter, fertilizer system, water meter and filtering system regularly. Agrostar Agronomy Centre Excellence 9 august 18
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