Benefits of Vermicompost and organic manure in lemon crop
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Benefits of Vermicompost and organic manure in lemon crop
• By putting organic substances on the soil, soil's physical-chemical properties have a great effect. Organic Fertilizer Provides essential food and energy to countless microorganisms in the soil, while providing balanced food for growing crop in the soil. The resulting micro bacteria are active in the soil. • Due to organic fertilizers, the formation of the particles of soil in the soil helps to remain resin. The growth of the tree increases with the development of the tree by running the lemon tree. The resulting product growth can be obtained. • Lemon garden requires irrigation Organic fertilizers are useful for improving soil texture.
• Salicylic acid is prepared from organic substances. These acids work as chilting agents. Therefore, phosphorus and micronutrients are easily available to the lemon tree. • Antibiotics are prepared from organic fertilizers in the soil. Lemon trees help protect against bacterial diseases • Organic fertilizers promote the production of growth regulator . It helps in getting for bloom Agrostar agronomy centre Excellence
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