Be careful while using pesticides !
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Be careful while using pesticides !
•Many problems arise at immediate and long term basis due to excessive use of chemical pesticides. We are then incapable of resolving such contradictory problems, for that reason it is beneficial to take care of that in advance. • Do not use pesticides which are banned by the Government. • Do not use the insecticides frequently, that comes under the synthetic pyrethroids category such as fenvalerate, cypermethrin etc., especially in cotton crop. • Take steps as per the recommendations given by the Agricultural Universities for crop protection. • Follow only the recommended dose of insecticides. Excess dose can harm the crop; increase the residue problems and also increases the cost of cultivation. • Repeated application of same insecticides can develop resistance in insect pests against those insecticides. Change pesticides at each spray. • Purchase insecticides only from the authorized sellers and approved agencies. • While purchasing, bill must be taken off from the dealer and keep it in safe place. • Do not use empty bottles/ packets/ Cans of insecticides, better dispose them properly. • Do not spray by mixing two or more insecticides without recommendation and use appropriate pump and nozzle for spraying. • Put on protective dresses while spraying pesticides on the crops. • Use adequate amount of water for proper distribution of chemical on plant parts. • Avoid spraying of pesticide at noon, better at early morning and late evening. • Avoid spraying of pesticides when there is a good number of predators/ parasites population found on the crop. • Do not depend solely on biocontrol, it is not synonymous with chemical control but complements it. • Adopt Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which reduces farming cost and prevents pollution of the environment. • Purchase insecticides only from reputed companies, better to contact AGROSTAR as far as possible, it delivers the right pesticides at your door step.
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