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Krishi VaartaKrishi Jaagran
Basil cultivation is becoming popular, it is getting good price in the market!
If you want to earn money by doing botanical farming, then basil plants can be helpful for you. Generally, people understand the importance of Tulsi found in every household religiously or culturally, but you must be surprised to know that even from a commercial point of view this plant is going to give profit. Let us tell you about its cultivation. Tulsi is a domestic plant Tulsi is known by many names,it is placed in the category of domestic plants. In India, it is produced on a large scale, but from a commercial point of view it is grown by very few people. Medicinal properties of basil: Tulsi is effective in preventing harmful organisms and viruses. It has also been claimed in many researches that basil is also helpful in purifying the air. Apart from this, it is used in the treatment to relieve stress, fever, inflammation etc. Soil: Although it can be cultivated in all types of soil, saline, alkaline soil is suitable for its cultivation to get good yield. Field preparation: Before sowing, plough the field. Use manure if needed, however, it does not require fertilizer application. Sowing: Preparation of seedbeds of 4.5 x 1.0 x 0.2 m is beneficial for sowing. Seeds should be sown at a distance of 60x60 cm. Sow the seed at a depth of 2 cm. weeding : Perform weeding to remove weeds. The first hoeing should be carried out after one month of planting. Irrigation: Irrigate the field every week in summer. Special irrigation is not required during rainy days. Pest prevention: Most damage to basil plants is caused by leaf folder larva. This larva feeds on leaves, buds and crops.To prevent this, organic pesticides can be sprayed. Apart from this you can also use Quinalphos. Harvesting: Basil can be harvested after three months of planting. You can use the produce for many purposes, such as for extraction of oil, for the manufacture of medicines, for making garlands and decorative items. Tulsi has good demand in the market. Source: krishi jagran, 23 june 2020. If you find this information useful, then like it and share it with all your farmer friends.
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