Bark eating caterpillar- a threat in Orchard crops
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Bark eating caterpillar- a threat in Orchard crops
 The bark eating caterpillar is damaging to the horticultural crops such as pomegranate, guava, mango, drumstick, ber, mango, aonla etc. _x000D_  The caterpillar feeds inside the stem and bark by making holes on the trunk. _x000D_  Caterpillars hiding in-side the hole during daytime and feed the green matter of the bark during night hours. _x000D_  Webs & excreta of the caterpillars are clearly visible on the stem/branch. Sometimes, infested branches are also broken down due to the wind. _x000D_  Generally, the infestation is much more in older trees. _x000D_  Maintain clean & neat orchard and do regular pruning of the trees. _x000D_  Cut & destroy the heavily infested branches by this pest. _x000D_  Remove the webs made by the caterpillars from the tree trunk and branches. _x000D_  Insert the iron spoke in the hole made by the caterpillar and kill it. _x000D_  Pour the solution (one liter kerosene + 100 g soap powder + 7 liter water) as per the requirement in the holes and seal with the cow dung/ clay soil. _x000D_  Give this kind of treatment twice in a year. _x000D_  Also spray any insecticides on tree trunk after removing webs on tree trunk. Do twice in a year_x000D_
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