Bacterial slurry preparation
Organic FarmingKrishi Seva Kendra Chikhali, Sangamner
Bacterial slurry preparation
In a tank of 200 liters water, add 5 liters of Trichoderma, 5 liters of buttermilk, 5 kgs of jaggery, 5 liters of cow urine. Retain the solution for 1-2 days. Stir the solution 3 times a day in clockwise direction using a stick. After 2 days, provide 180 liters of this solution to the crop through drip from the tank and leave 20 liters back in the tank. In the remaining 20 liters of water, add water, jaggery and cow urine. There is no need of adding trichoderma again. Leave full 200 liters of slurry to the crop for the second time. Filter the solution before giving it through drip. If not there will be choking of drip pipes. This solution should be given to the crop through drip. If the slurry is to be released 2-3 times in 2-3 days, preferably leave it through the drip. Source - Krishi Seva Kendra Chikhali, Sangamner If you feel this information is useful to you, like and share it with your friends.
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