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Animal HusbandryGujarat Livestock Development Board (Gandhinagar)
Artificial Insemination in animals and its benefits
The process of collecting semen from a male animal having high genetic quality, with the help of synthetic instruments and scientific procedure and depositing them in the reproductive tract of the female animal, using scientific instruments is called artificial insemination. Benefits: ● We have a good number of cattle in our country but the population of fertile bulls is scarcity in the country. Therefore, Artificial insemination is a good way to use one bull for breeding many reproductive animals. ● It helps diagnose various genetic diseases in cows and buffaloes. ● Only healthy bulls are selected for this purpose and they are regularly checked for their diseases. It helps in prevention of reproductive diseases. ● Farmers having 5 to 8 cattle’s cannot afford to keep a bull, however they can avail the aIl facility at a nominal charges.
● A bull of a highly fertile pure breed possesses a very high reproductive capacity, which causes a significant raise in milk production. ● It becomes possible to use a single bull to inseminate 100 to 200 animals. ● Frozen sperms can be stored in liquid nitrogen for a number of years and they can be used even after the death of the bull for the process of reproduction. Reference: Gujarat Livestock Development Board (Gandhinagar) If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.
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