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ARI Pune: New High-Yielding Variety of Juicy Grapes
Pune: The Agharkar Research Institute (ARI), an autonomous institute of the Pune-based Department of Science and Technology has developed high-yielding hybrid variety of juicy grapes. This variety is useful in making juices, jams and red wine. The Ministry of Science and Technology of the Union has released a statement saying that this hybrid grape variety ' ARI-516 ' has been developed by the combining of two varieties American Katawaba and Vitis Vinifera and is free of seeds as well as fungi resistant. This grape variety, produced by agricultural scientist Dr. Sujatha Tetali of the Maharashtra Association for Cultivation Sciences (MACS), ARI, is ripened in 110-120 days. The range is well suited to the climate of Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and West Bengal. India is one of the world's top grape-producing countries with a massive worldwide market. Source: Outlook Agriculture, 12 March 2020 To get more insightful information, Like and Share this update with all your farmer friends.
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