Alert: Another cyclonic storm may come after Amphan and Nisarg
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Alert: Another cyclonic storm may come after Amphan and Nisarg
After the Amphan and Nisarg in India, there is now a danger of another storm. The storm is expected to hit the Indian coast in the next few days. Actually, an area of low pressure has formed over the Bay of Bengal. However, the situation is not clear about whether this low pressure area will take the form of a cyclonic storm or not. According to the Meteorological Department, it will be monitored for the next four to five days. According to the Meteorological Department, if the area of low pressure takes the form of a storm, it can knock off the coast of Odisha from the Bay of Bengal on June 10-11. It is being told that after this the monsoon will start across the country. The first stage of a storm is a low pressure area For your information, let us know that the low pressure area in the sea is usually the first stage of any storm. It is believed that even if it does not turn into a cyclonic storm, there may be heavy rains in the coastal areas. Heavy rainfall is expected in Odisha around June 10. Director General of Meteorological Department, Mrityunjay Mohapatra said that the area of low pressure can move towards Odisha next week. He said, 'Low pressure is a type of cyclonic flow and is the first phase of a cyclone. However, it is not necessary that every area of low pressure becomes a cyclone by speeding up, but we keep an eye on it. 2 cyclones in last one month Within the last one month, two cyclonic storms have occurred in the country. The first storm came in Bengal and Odisha last month. This was the first super cyclone of this century in India. Bengal and Odisha suffered heavy losses due to this storm. In Bengal alone there were more than 80 deaths due to this storm. After this, due to the formation of low pressure area in Arabian Sea, Nisarg caused havoc. During this cyclonic storm the wind speed was 120-130 km / h. There was heavy damage in Maharashtra and Gujarat due to natural storm. Source : ABP News 6 june 2020 If you find this information useful, like it and share it with other farmer friends.
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