Adopt an integrated approach to control weeds!
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Adopt an integrated approach to control weeds!
Always use integrated methods to control weeds. This involves a combination of two to three different methods. 1) Management method: - It is the safest method to control weeds. These include timely sowing at the right depth with proper spacing, proper application of fertilizers, optimum number of seedlings per acre, proper water management and intercropping. 2) Physical / Mechanical method: - This method includes weeding and application of mulching sheet before sowing (plastic, residue). 3) Chemical method: - In this method chemical herbicides are used. The side effects of herbicides are as obvious, so they should be used properly. Some herbicides are interstitial. They are absorbed inside the crop and then show results. It takes 3-4 days for results to appear e.g. Glyphosate • Tactile herbicides show immediate results but should be sprayed properly. Eg: paraquat, oxyfluorfen, diquat and bromoxynil • Proportionate spraying of selected herbicides burns the weeds and does nothing to the main crop. Such as atrazine, pentamethylene Non-selective herbicides - are harmful to all types of plants such as paraquat, glyphosate • Residual herbicides - their residues remain in the soil and then destroy the germinating weeds. • Non Residual herbicides - their residues do not stay in the soil. 4) Biological control: - Weed control can be done using pests, bacteria, fungi, plants. With proper weed control production increases. The main crop gets full scope to grow.
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