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Actions to be taken before sowing and at the time of sowing inorder to reduce the infestation of pink bollworm
In the area where pink bollworm incidence was so severe during last season, there will be the chances of the same pest infestation in this crop also. To reduce the pest infestation, some agronomic practices are supposed to be followed before sowing and at the time of sowing cotton. Advance planning is must in such fields._x000D_ · Dispose the crop residues or use them in organic manure preparation._x000D_ · If cotton stubbles are still in the field or on boundary, dispose them._x000D_ · With the help of Shredder cut down the cotton stalks into small pieces and use them in the preparation of organic manure._x000D_ · Do not use cotton sticks for staking of any cucurbit plants. _x000D_ · Install pheromone traps in the premises of ginning factories working in your area._x000D_ · If your cotton field is near to Ginning-factory, install at least 5 pink bollworm pheromone traps in your field._x000D_ · Heaps of cotton sticks that are stored for fuel purpose should be covered with plastic net._x000D_ · Heaps of cotton sticks that are used for the fuel purpose should not be stored close to the cotton field._x000D_ · Select early maturing cotton varieties._x000D_ · Infestation is much more in early sown cotton fields than timely sown fields._x000D_ · Sow non-bt seed provided in the Bt packets as refugia._x000D_ · Use balance fertilizer and irrigation._x000D_ · Follow the crop rotation and appropriate intercrop in cotton._x000D_ · Adopt AGROSTAR GOLD TREATMENT and follow their instructions. _x000D_ _x000D_ Source: Agrostar Agronomy centre of excellence_x000D_ If you find this information is useful to you, click on like button and share this with your farmer friends._x000D_
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