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Acidity in Cattle and its Treatment
Cattle, such as cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats, suffer most from digestive system ailments. One such disease is acidity, which is also referred to as 'ruminal acidosis' in English. Food Causing Acidosis: Eating large quantities of wheat, millet, jowar, rice, maize, barley and pulses, and their flour and bread, jaggery, grapes, apples, potatoes, cooked rice, triggers this disease.
Symptoms of Disease: Symptoms of the disease are based on the amount of carbohydrate consumed by the animal. At first, the cattle appear lethargic and weak, stops to consume fodder or even chew or drink. The cattle become restless, sits or stands frequently within short period, the production of milk decreases. The amount of water in the body may decrease, movement may become limp, if excess carbohydrate is consumed, the disease becomes serious and it may cause death due to lack of treatment. Home Remedies: This can be treated by dissolving 200 to 300 grams of baking soda in water and immediately feeding through tubes provides relief to cows and buffaloes. The nearest veterinarian should be contacted immediately if there are any more critical symptoms. Source: AgroStar Animal Husbandry Expert If this information was useful, click on the yellow thumps up sign and share it with your farmer friends through options given below.
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