790 tons of onion imported
Krishi VaartaPudhari
790 tons of onion imported
New Delhi: The first batch of 790-ton onions imported into India has arrived. There is a possibility of heavy fall in prices. It has been reported that the cost of importing this onion to the port ranges anywhere from Rs 57 to Rs 60 per kg.
An official of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs revealed that another 12,000 tonnes of onions is expected to be imported by the end of December. So far, the public sector MMTC has contracted to import 4949 tonnes of onions. The price of onion in big cities of the country is Rs 100 per kg. In some areas, the price of onion is Rs 160 per kg. The official said that two ships of 290 tonnes and 500 tonnes have already reached Mumbai. The price of this onion is given to the state governments at the rate of Rs 57 to 60 per kg. The onion is imported from Turkestan, Egypt and Afghanistan from these countries. Source - Pudhari, 26 December 2019 If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumb icon below the photo and share it with all your agricultural friends through the options below!
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