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AgroStar Krishi Gyaan
Pune, Maharashtra
25 Oct 18, 01:00 PM
Krishi VaartaThe Economic Times
Agriculture Ministry plans to set up over 7K seed-testing labs
The agriculture ministry is planning a massive increase in the number of seed-testing laboratories in the country as part of its push to boost crop yield. Officials told ET that use of quality seeds can boost farm production by up to a fifth. The ministry is consulting with state governments to set up 583 seed-testing labs in major towns and 6,600 labs at the block level in rural areas, the officials said, adding that sowing quality seeds leads to higher germination, resistance to pest attacks, and increase in crop yields by 15-20%. At present, India has 130 seed-testing labs where farmers can get quality analysed for a nominal fee.
“A note has been circulated to the states to send their suggestions. We expect to roll out this project by this year,” one of the officials cited earlier said. “The seed-testing labs will give a push to technology advancement in rural India. Testing for germination, purity and other seed determination will be done.” Earlier, the ministry had undertaken a soil-testing drive as part of its effort to help farmers boost their income. Source - The Economic Times, 23 October 2018