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13 Jul 19, 07:32 PM

I want proper guidance in apple cultivation

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Agri Doctor
Pune, Maharashtra
15 Jul 19, 03:29 PM

Hello Mr.Rayees, welcome to the AgroStar family. Planting Apple best on a well-drained, loam soils suitable for apple cultivation, The soil pH should be 5.5-6.5 for its good cultivation. Good drained soil is suitable for cultivation. For apple cultivation, the farm should be well prepared. January and February are appropriate for transplanting apples. In the nursery, 10 cm in the queue And in the seed 5 cm The ration is done on the basis of the crop. For transplanting varieties of size, keep the distance between 4 meters X 5 meters or 4 meters X 6 meters each tree. For the varieties of small stature, use 3.0 x 0.90 meter distance for varieties of 2.5 x 4.0 meters and for smaller varieties. In the nursery, the seeds should be 2-3 cm. Sow at the depth of For varieties of diazone, add 166-200 trees per acre. For reproduction primarily using a pen and a budding method is used. Prepare 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter pit in the month of October-November. In each pit, add 30-40 kg Rudy manure, 500 grams of single super phosphate and 50 grams of malathion powder. 1 month after digging the pit, it is planted. After transplanting, it is necessary to immediately irrigate. Before transplanting, add 30-40 kg Rudy manure, 500 grams of single super phosphate and 50 grams of malathion powder in each pane. Combine N: P: K @ 70: 35: 70 grams per tree per year as compost. As the age of the tree increases, increase the amount of fertilizers according to the age of the tree.For example, for a tree of 10 years, put N: P: K @ 700: 350: 700 grams per tree per year as fertilization. For the excellent quality and development of apples, it is necessary to trim the right time. Trees should be trimmed according to tree growth. "Modified Central System" is used for pruning so that the tree can get appropriate illumination and "spindle bush system" is used in pivotal mountain areas.The 8-year-old apple tree begins to give fruit. For 8-17 years, production of apples increases every year and after that the production becomes stable for 17-30 years. Productivity will increase after 30 years. Tomato is made after the fruit is completely cooked. Thanks. Agri Dr.Kasturi.