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Management of Stem Borer in Sugarcane
The outbreak of stem borer is observed maximum after the rainy season, when water accumulates on the sugarcane field. This insect penetrates the stem and larvae enter the stem and begins to tunnel, which reduces the sugarcane yield.
Prevention: ● Dry sugarcane leaves should be cut and separated. ●For the biological control of these insects, 50,000 Trichogramma Kilionis should be spread between July and October at an interval of 10 days. ● For any chemical control, one of the following pesticides should be used. ● Chloropyriphos 20% EC @ 1.5 litres per hectare in 800 to 1000 litres of water or ● Carbofuran 3% C.G. broadcasting should be done @ of 33 kg per hectare. ● Spray the Chlorantraniliprole in 18.5% of the SC 75 ml in 200-250 litres of water. Source Mr. S. K. Tyagi
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