Commando Rechargeable LED torch - CM007
1.2 Kg
Brand: ULink
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Key Points
  • Battery:3.7 V Li-ion
  • Lighting/Function:High Power Searchlight;Two lighting mode;24 high power SMD side LED light;Low power consumption;Long running time;Light up to 1000 lumens with a transmission range of 800-1000 meters
  • Charging with Adapter:No
  • Charge Time:7 to 8 hrs
  • Working Time (hours):7 hrs in low beam and 4 hrs in high beam
  • Recommended Use:In the farm at night, if electricity is not available.
  • LEDs:15 w
  • Manufacturer warranty:3 Month one time replacement warranty only if  torch body and glass should not be damaged, scratched or broken
  • Range:800 to 1000 meter
  • Power backup:Front light backup : 5 to 6 hours ; Side light backup : 3 to 5 hours
  • Power:4400Mah
  • Light Output:25000 Lm