Spraywell Double Motor Battery Pump 12*12 (20 Ltr.)
7.5 Kg
Brand: Spraywell
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Key Points
  • Pump capacity:20 Litres
  • Battery Type:Lead acid
  • Spraying capacity:15 to 20 rounds per full charge
  • Special remarks:Heavy-duty; High pressure pump;60 cm hyget brass gun;Adjustable nozzles; Level indicator on pump;On-off plastic Trigger; In-line filter to prevent clogging; 4+4 auto cut off pump, double switch.
  • Extra description:Red LED on charger means (Charging) to Green/Yellow LED on charger means (Full Charge); Rinse the pump with water after use; Battery has a 6 month manufacturer warranty (any breakage due to rough handling is not covered in manufacturer warranty); Charging time 8 to 10 hrs
  • Maintenance:Keep the battery of the pump fully charged
  • Lance type:2 Qty (3 Nozzle lance and single point lance)
  • Nozzles:Gun 2 feet
  • Safety Kit:safety mask, gloves & glasses
  • Accessories:LED Bulb, Safety Kit, Belts, charger