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KK HTP Tractor pump KK-53-CI3
13 Kg
Brand: KisanKraft
Key Points
  • Engine power (HP): 2.2kW-4.8kW (3hp-6.5hp)
  • Pump RPM: 800-1200
  • Output pressure: 10-40 (kg/cm2)
  • Suction volume: 30-40 (L/min)
  • Liquid output: 50-55 approx.litres/minutes
  • Pump oil (20 W 40): 1000ml
  • Maximum hose pipe length: Upto 250m
  • Extra description: 3 Ball Cock of 10mm Each
  • Maintenance: Spray with clean water after spraying chemical; run the pump within normal (green) meter range & regularly tighten the grease cup upto 2-3 cycles for every 2 hours of spraying; replace the pump oil after the sprayer has been used for the first 10 hours, 50 hours and then after every 70 hours
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