MH Coromandel Gromor 0:0:50 (1 Kg)
1000 gm
Brand: Coromandel
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Key Points
  • Chemical composition:Sulphate of Potash
  • Dosage:2 Kg/acre
  • Method of application:Spray
  • Spectrum:Improves fruit quality, bumper fruit weight, fruit colour, shining etc.
  • Compatibility:Compatible with most chemical. Do not mix with Calcium products.
  • Frequency of application:3 to 4 time
  • Applicable crops:All Crops
  • Special remarks:The information provided here is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels and accompanying leaflets for complete product details and directions for use.
  • Extra description:It contains sulphur which helps to improve shelf life of fruits besides sugar content