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Zero Energy Cool Chamber: Low Cost Substitute of Cold Storage Units
Zero Energy Cool Chamber is environmentally friendly and can be easily built by an unskilled person
Introduction • It is used to store post - harvest fruits and vegetables. • Maintains nutritional values for post - harvest fruits and vegetables • Mechanical and electrical energy is not required. • Cool storage prolongs post - harvest fruit and vegetables' self-life. • Environmentally friendly storage system without pollution • An unskilled person can also construct. How to Construct Zero Energy Cool Chamber? Site selection • The area should be cool and shady. • The area should be raised with proper drainage. • It should be close to the water source. Materials required • Bricks • Sand • Bamboo • Gunny bags • Straw Construction • Make a brick basement (165 * 115 cm) • Erect a 70 cm high double wall with a width of 7.5 cm between the walls. • Make a cover frame of bamboo, straw and dry grass for a low cost chamber. Otherwise, make a cover of wood. • Thatched–roof shed should be placed over the chamber to shield the chamber Operation • The chamber's sand, bricks and top cover should be kept cool. • Watering should be done once in the morning and at evening. • To avoid damage during handling, fruits and vegetables should be stored in plastic perforated crates. Precautions • Prevent water drops on stored produce as it might invite fungal disease. • The sand should be free of organic matter, clay, etc. • The chamber should be kept clean • The empty chamber should be treated with an approved fungicide or insecticide. • Note that the products should be removed from the chamber before they are treated with these chemicals. Reference: IMoT Agri Form LinkedIn Slide Share: Garima.T. Student of GB Pant University, Uttarakhand. If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.
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